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Roseau High School Poetry






From North Star Press

A Tangled Path to Heaven


by Julia Klatt Singer

($10 + $2 shipping & handling)




Now available from Naissance Publishing

In the Dreamed of Places

By Julia Klatt Singer


Where you can find Julia Klatt Singer's Writing...


Coming out this March, 2015


a book of poetry

to be published by North Star Press

12.95 plus $3.75 shipping and handling



& listen

to poems by Julia Klatt Singer here at the Beat on KAXE



& listen 

to my poem Cassiopeia set to music by a composer Tim Takach.  The intro to the piece starts at 36:30, the piece itself, after Tim’s beautiful intro at 41 minutes…







Hope and Healing Through Song


Composer Tim Takach http://www.timothyctakach.com/ along with poet, Julia Klatt Singer, wrote four pieces based on the stories and words of the patients and families of Children's Hospital in St. Paul. This work was commissioned for the American Composer's Forum "Healing and Hope Through Song" project. These pieces will be premiered in the spring of 2011 by the Minnesota Boychoir.




writeworks is a journal inspired by and created for young writers.   After spending time in Minnesota schools, I realized how lucky I was to be able to read and hear the students' writing.  Thanks to their work and willingness, this journal exists.  JKS

last updated: February 13, 2015